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Aktualisiert: 6. Apr. 2018


THE KILLER Naming Guide, Part II.

Now, it is getting really exciting. Today we are talking about the essence of great naming and why the biggest mistakes are often strategic ones. This is so, because a lot of people do not understand that an A1 name does neither describe the business branch nor the product category, but reflects the positioning.

So, what does positioning mean? Advertising giant David Ogilvy gave a very dinstinctive definition of brand positioning:

"Positionining is the answer to the question what the product stands for, and who it is for."

Descriptive and functional names only say what the company or the product does, but not what it achieves for me as a consumer.

Just have a look at the difference between Microsoft and Apple. The Name Microsoft tells me, aha, a compound of microchip and software – the company is obviously in electronic data processing. And further? What’s in it for me? Where is the promise for me as a client? Apple’s name, on the other hand, reveals a whole world of associations, feelings and values perfectly tailor-made for the target group and offering the sales relevant emotional added value through identification.

Thus, once again, because it is so crucial: A great name is neither descriptive nor functional and has nothing to do with the business branch or product segment. A great name works in an experiential or evocative, metaphorical way. It reflects the brand character, the brand values, the brand benefits and establishes an emotional connection between brand and consumer based on sympathy and identification. This is what makes a brand a great brand in a world of saturated markets.

If there is the chance to claim the central category benefit within your name, your enterprise or product will have the potential for market leadership. Or you do it like Red Bull and develop your own, brand-new category. This is difficult, but not impossible as the story of the inventor of the energy drink impressively shows. And, of course, just like Red Bull the name should stand for this novel positioning: Red Bull implies strength, force, energy, endurance – it is a symbol of sheer power and communicates the brand promise immediately.

And do not be afraid of puzzling or perplexing names. They are remembered because they do exactly that: puzzle and perplex. In times of information overflow this is already half the battle.

We, too, have given ourselves a name that at first sight might seem perplexing for a naming agency when all the others called themselves Nomen, Nambos, Namestorm, Innomark, Endmark oder Solo- oder Interbrand. But this is exactly what makes the difference: The name is associative and tells you something about ourselves: KILLER stands for focusing, precision, instinct, intellect and professionalism and our names go under your skin and straight to the heart. This is our positioning, our story.

And what is yours? We gladly assist you in finding out and transforming it into great naming.


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