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Aktualisiert: 3. Jan. 2019


Almost exactly one year ago we started KILLER. Time to take a look back and share our experiences with you. And the most incisive finding is, that it is not so much creativity or quality that is expected from a naming agency, but primarily price dumping.

It is quite understandable that a small start-up has little money to get a name developed professionally, but the fact that even medium-sized companies, instead of at least inviting to a creative pitch, simply choose the cheapest agency is irrational from an economic point of view - let alone meaningful.

A great name is an enrichment in the truest sense of the word. A great name to which your audience can build an emotional relationship forms the cornerstone of the value chain of your company or product. It differentiates in the market, arouses attention and sympathy, sticks in the mind, generates trial and may finally turn into love and brand loyalty.

Thus, a great brand name is an essential part of your marketing and will significantly help reduce your spendings because it is a marketing tool in itself. It creates a value that goes far beyond the purchased service and also expresses itself in the fact that a brand name is a commodity as well as domains. Its price depends on its quality for which the above aspects are objective criteria.

With our work, it is the same. Again, the price depends on its quality. So, next time you start a request, do not ask primarily about the costs, but about the added value we create for your business – in substance and sustainability.


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